Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cats and bicycle accessories

My sister decided to go the Hello Kitty route for her new bicycle bell.  Appropriately, one of her cats decided to say hello.
I think kitty approves.

Also, I was very pleased to see her apartment now populated by bicycle-ish things like shellac and Wald folding baskets.  All very good; but melonaute, you had better have yourself a headlight by now, or else!!!


Velouria said...

Ha! Awesome : )

melonaute said...

what a cute cat.
yes, I have a headlight now! no worries!

somervillain said...

aww... my daughter is obsessed with hello kitty right now! that gives me an idea for an upcoming birthday present!

Dottie said...

CAT! Love it :)

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