Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lady fingers

In my excitement over Monday's upcoming Tweed Ride, I may have ordered a pair of vintage crocheted gloves to be overnighted from etsy...
(The best part is the buttons, obviously.)

By the way, whose bright idea was it to have a tweed ride in Boston at the end of May?  Never mind; in my head, it will be a linen and lace ride.  And I may bring a bottle of Pimm's.


Sox said...

I think Linen-and Lace is highly acceptable for a tweed ride. And my friend the Geek, who is a self appointed representative of the fashion-and-esthetics police, agrees.

Amy said...

Nice find! I'm actually working on crocheting a pair similar to that. Still trying to find just the right fiber (Linen or cotton? Silk or wool?)

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