Sunday, May 30, 2010

Second Sunday

I just missed the chance to photograph these guys swimming in their neat little line, goslings flanked fore and aft by their larger guardians.  But it was also sweet how the two grownups carefully ushered them up onto the riverbank.  It's enough to make you forgive them for leaving their poo all over the path where it constantly threatens to besmirch a pair of lovely cream tires.

On a side note, I think what I find most difficult to understand about fixed-gear bicycles in how anyone could willingly give up the ability to coast.  Being able to just sit back and relax as you sail down a hill effortlessly, listening to the whir of your wheels-- who doesn't like that?


Sox said...

I love coasting-but since Eselin has no gears, she is also soundless when I coast and I tend to startle people that way.

Velouria said...

So glad you are enjoying your new bike!
Where was that 1st picture taken? I don't recognise that bridge, but it looks so nice.

margonaute said...

Sox: I had a hunch you would be a fan of coasting for some reason... :)

V: It's actually on the Charles River bike path on the Boston/Allston/Brighton/wherever side, somewhere across from Mt. Auburn Cemetery. I've been by there a few times before earlier in the year but never noticed the lily pads before today. I don't know; do lily pads come out at the same time as leaves on trees? No idea how that works.

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