Monday, May 31, 2010

Tweed Ride!

My first group ride was such fun!  The weather ended up being much cooler and more pleasant than I'd expected, and it was just a joy to be cycling through our beautiful city/cities on such a sunny, breezy Memorial Day.  Lots of bell-ringing and (very!) slow pedaling that allowed for spontaneous inter-bike conversations.  My pal Y and I had to peel off a bit early and so missed the pub stop and end-point picnic, but it was still nice to socialize, however briefly, with our fellow cyclists.

Unfortunately, I'm terrible about remembering to take photos at special events, so at the moment, I can only show you what Y and I wore.  I know there will be more photos coming up from other sources, so perhaps I will steal a few links in the days to come. 

But we look good, right?
(Answer: Yes, we do!)

Oh, and I also got to meet Cycler from Biking in Heels and Somervillain (note: does not look like Curious George in person!) from Boston Retro Wheelmen, both sporting very enviable vintage rides.  Don't feel bad for Frida, though, as she had many fans of her own!  I just hope it doesn't go to her head...

LGRAB Summer Games, Part 1: Social Cycling


somervillain said...

it definitely was a nice group of people and their rides, and it was great to meet you and frida!

roseread said...

Hey :) It was great to meet you. I had no idea whom I'd see on the ride, or apparently, after. said...

That dress is fantastic! We had a good time on the tweed ride in Portland, too - it was also our first group ride (though why they decided holding it in January was a good idea, I'm not sure... cold!) :)


margonaute said...

P: Thanks! The outfit played a large part in my decision to go on the ride in the first place. Normally, though, I think I would prefer a colder tweed ride-- more room for, well, tweed!

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