Sunday, June 6, 2010

8 reasons why I shouldn't buy a mixte

1. I just bought a brand new, beautiful, and expensive bicycle.
2. Rear derailleur?  What?

don't want to buy

3. I don't know how to use those little thumb shifters (and see #2 above).
4. I like riding slowly, especially now that it's summer/sweaty time.  So I don't need a sportier bike.

not interested

5. Where would I put it?  My apartment is small; Frida is large; and I'm increasingly distrustful of the bike storage in my building's front hallway as the front door's lock seems to be constantly malfunctioning, i.e. not locking at all.
6. I don't want to hurt Frida's feelings or make her think she is less special to me.

mixtes are stupid

7. I'm still new to bicycles and still figuring out what I like and don't like, so it would be premature for me to be making more purchases, especially of a kind of bike that I don't know much about.
8. I enjoy daily scanning of craigslist to see if there are any interesting bicycles, and if I bought another one now, I would really have no reason to do so.

Yeah!  That's right!
Any others?


Anonymous said...

I have the same problem. I scan craigslist for bicycles and musical instruments that I can't bring home. No idea how to stop it. Someday, though, there will be space and time enough for everything.

Kara said...

This post was like you were in my head! All these reasons apply to me, yet, I don't know if I will be able to stop myself.

margonaute said...

roseread: This future time will also involve adopting a lot of kittens and puppies.

Velouria said...

Mixtes suck, honest. You don't need one. Those elegant lateral stays - yuck! That graceful geometry - oh please! And who needs more than one bike anyway?

There, hope I talked you out of it!

Jennifer said...

This is uncannily like the conversation that goes on in my head too! I know I am fighting a losing battle trying to resist and that I am bound to give in at some point.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy...don't get a Mixte for sure..they are evil with a capital E....Any you encounter should be sent along to me so I can save you from the horrors of a Mixte:D


Anonymous said...

P.S. This evening I saw and older than me gentlemen on a Mixte downtown and i wanted to knock him off it and ride off:D I resisted though

Corey K said...

Don't forget that Mixtes are hi-strung
(and frequently ill-tempered) beasties, not unlike Arabian stallions in temperament.
They're far too willing to be nimble, even at slow speeds. You can't trust them.

Dissuaded yet?

margonaute said...

Working on it! Twin tubes-- WTF is that all about? I mean, barf!

(Thanks for all your help, everyone! I think it's working...?)

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