Sunday, June 13, 2010

Speaking of cats

My contribution to the Bike and Cat Gallery: This is Stella, examining my first bicycle last December.

Stella is a very photogenic cat.  When she's not sniffing bicycle wheels, she enjoys such things as
posing with typewriters,

attempting camouflage,

emphatic lolling,

and most frequently, relaxing in a ladylike fashion, with paws crossed just so.


MandG said...

Very cute! I need to capture some shots of our newly shaved lion cat. It's a hoot!

Herzog said...

Wow that typewriter is highly sexy!

Dottie said...

aaaaaaadorable! :)

somervillain said...

herzog, i just came in to say the same thing! drooling over that typewriter!

margonaute said...

MandG: oh my gosh, cats with lion cuts make laugh so hard!! I think it's because they so frequently look miffed about it. Hee hee.

Herzog: That typewriter is a Hermes 3000, one of the most beautiful models ever made. It's my favorite of my tiny collection. They come up fairly frequently on eBay in excellent condition- these things were built to last- for not too much money.. I think mine was around $40 (plus some heavy shipping!) and still has a working ribbon, so I've been able to use it with zero effort. Manual typewriters are a lot like vintage bicycles: beautiful, useful machines whose workings are clearly, satisfyingly legible and whose basic designs have perfected for 100 years.

The typewriter I've been lusting over the most over the past years is the Olivetti Valentine; but I'm not the only one, so those can be pretty pricey if you ever find one...

Herzog said...

Looks like something my favorite detective should have gotten his secretary!

Velouria said...

Oh your cat is sooooooo cute, and does look like my Peppy!
I miss my cats now that I'm in Vienna! : ((

Amy said...

Such a pretty lady cat! She looks like she could also be a sibling of my Tesla :

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