Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spreading the word

The last time my little sister and her boyfriend came to visit me from Brooklyn, we had many discussions about Frida, the merits and joys of cycling, and the beauty of vintage bicycles.  Neither of them has had a bike since they were in middle school (at least my sister hasn't, for sure), and I was encouraging them to start again.  Well, today, I got this in my email:
J__ and I got bikes today! well, we put money down for them at Recycle-a-Bicycle and we will be bringing them home next week. I got a black Phillips step-through (made in England, merged with Raleigh in the 70's?) and James got a black Triumph man-bike (also made in England and was bought up by Raleigh). Both are from the early 70's and look totally cute together. James almost got a Peugeot mixte, but the one they had was a bit too messed up. Our bike place didn't have as many cool looking old bikes and mixtes as the Cambridge Antiques Market, but we were at least able to find these two gems once we went to their warehouse (after being disappointed with what they had in their shops). We're both getting coaster brakes put on at the warehouse and James' bike still needs be reconditioned, so we can't have them just yet :( . But now we're looking for bike accessories! How do you like your bike lock? Is it a standard u-lock or a long one? Kryptonite? Now I have to think about bells, lights, racks, baskets - eek.
Hooray!  I cannot wait to see pictures of the new additions to my bicycle extended family!


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Velouria said...

I like the term "man-bike" : ))

margonaute said...

Me, too. I bet they will look so cute together!

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