Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just a peek...

... at my sister's new bicycle!  I've literally been begging for photographs and finally got a few precious snaps.  Anyway, here it is, with the man-bike (and man-owner) visible in the background, before getting some final work done at Recycle-a-Bicycle:
Just look at that Brooklyn hipster back there.  Can you believe he didn't already have a bicycle?!
Love the white inset on the head tube, and the gum wall tires nicely pick up the gold of the Phillips lion head badge.

Speaking of head badges, the man-bike comes with a rather jaunty one of its own:

My sister and her boyfriend got to pick these bikes out of what sounds like an awesome, giant warehouse, where they also came across a huge fleet of some 200 Batavi:
Apparently, Recycle-a-Bicycle received these as a donation but only to be used as rentals, not sales.  That's too bad because they are kind of cute, in a modern, imagine-the-Entrada-Spirit-had-a-baby-with-the-BUB kind of way.

I'll be heading to New York for the holiday weekend, where I will see if I can successfully ride the man-bike and hope to visit some cool bicycle shops (suggestions?).  That is, unless it's as hot as it is in Boston right now, in which case I will just eat popsicles and scowl all weekend long.  We'll see!


cycler said...

200 was not an exaggeration- those look like the bikes that the Dutch government lent to NYC for a commemoration of the 400'th anniversary of the founding of "New Amsterdam"

Wish I could have rented these instead of the clunker I got from Central Park Bike Tours. Unfortunately these are probably in Brooklyn, and I was in Manhattan. More soon about the experience, but if you rent a bike and they offer a damage waiver- buy it!

There's a cool bike shop somewhere in Tribeca that specializes in European city bikes Adeline Adeline

Amy said...

Ooooo!!! Very nice! I love old English 3 speeds.

Dottie said...

Oooh, that's a good looking old bike!

I was thinking the same as Cycler re the Batavi (like the plural there).

melonaute said...

face sweat = angry ladies. I'll have to remember to buy some popsicles for us. It was gorgeous here today, but it looks like this weekend is going to heat up again... about 90 on Sunday.

cycler- yep, those are the very same. 400 wheels for 400 years. I don't think they get used much these days, it's a shame! Only for special events. They are very well-appointed modern city bikes with some interesting features (at least to my untrained eye).
...and Adeline Adeline is super cute. it's on the list :)

margonaute said...

Aww, mother! Really? Grumble Grumble.

Melonaute--- hee hee hee hee.

Herzog said...

That headbadge is pretty cocky!

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