Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday, why can't you be more like Friday?

Today is, in a word, totally disgusting-- oh, snap! So disgusting it needs two words! Anyway, it's hot. It's incredibly humid. And there have been threats of severe thunderstorms all day, which, somehow, are not predicted to cool things down much at all.  I often face a rather stubborn headwind on one stretch of my commute to work; today, it was just as stubborn except it was also BURNING HOT. Ugh. I ended up scrapping my after-work plans to conduct both business and pleasure excursions around town due to the aforementioned disgustingness and also a vague fear of being struck by lightning on my steel bicycle (Question: how valid is this fear?), and instead, I rushed home to guiltily turn on my window a/c, take off my pants, and eat too much of a $15 block of torrone.

It's hard to remember just how gorgeous it was only a few days ago on Friday:
Perfect weather, the gently sinking sun, the river, a book, and a bicycle.  I will have it again!  Just not today.


MandG said...

I sometime wonder how you all in humid climates manage to do anything in that humidity....then I remember I lived in it for 25 years and biked daily for at least half of that including all over town during college carrying loads of books on my back. To be young again! LOL!

margonaute said...

Mostly I feel awful, look terrible, and eat lots of FlaVorIce pops. I'm so much happier at 9 degrees than 90.

Sarah said...

sigh. It is awful. And though I love thunderstorms, they do put a damper--ha!--on any thought of a long walk or bike or anything. 90 degrees, humidity and threatened thunderstorms that never show up are the WORST.

Amy said...

It's been so hot and humid here that I've been changing outfits once I get to work, and drying out the sweat soaked clothes on my bike. :) Also, for some reason my old Brooks is staining my pants when I get sweaty there. :/

Anyhoo, RE getting struck by lightning on a steel bicycle, I don't think it matters much what KIND of metal. Aluminum is just as conductive as steel. So long as you aren't the tallest thing around you'll be fine. Lightning is lazy and will hit the tallest object. So no riding through open fields in storms. :)

Dottie said...

Beautiful photo!

The weather has been oddly hot and thunderstormy in Chicago, too, but today and yesterday were miraculously perfect and even a bit cool. Here's hoping you get similar relief.

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