Saturday, June 12, 2010

This is not what we had discussed!

Self, what have you done??  Does this look like a mixte to you???

We need to talk.


MandG said...

Admission of the problem is the first step to recovery...not that I'm advocating recovery!

Anonymous said...

Did you buy her? I love my 3 speed green Raleigh. I would she used to be called Lucy 3 speed! I find myself reaching for her before my 10 speed or the Pashley. She's just a quick fun ride. You'll have fun fixing her up and I'm sure Lovey Bicycle would love to help with all the little details. Can't what to hear all about it. Love your blog.

margonaute said...

I did. Eeep! She's currently undergoing a basic won't-kill-me-if-I-ride-her tuneup at my favorite bike shop. She really is like an older cousin of Velouria's Lucy 3-speed-- number on the hub said 66, which I'm guessing means 1966?

My rationalizations are thus:
1) I'm starting a 5-week bicycle course this week, and this would be a perfect bike to practice working on, without the pressure that would come from the new Batavus.

2) Having a backup bike makes me less anxious about the possibility of Frida being stolen (perish the thought!) and me being left bikeless.

3) She is sporti-ER than Frida (but what isn't?), and it seems not totally unreasonable to make room in my life for a lighter, "easier" bicycle.

Worst case scenario, I could re-sell her pretty easily around here, I think. She does have some particularly fine features, like an original Brooks saddle that's in decently good shape and a nice twin-leg kickstand.

And, just to prove that I'm not totally crazy, I canceled my appointment to go see a used mixte later today! That was very sensible of me, I thought.

Velouria said...

*evil laugh and vigorous rubbing of the hands in glee*

That is how it starts my deary! First it's "Oops, I got a bike I didn't mean to get." A couple months later? You need a new bike fix just to get out of the house! Your friends don't recognise you. Your cat looks at you with scorn. I won't even tell you how bad it gets a year into the addiction : ))

To Anonymous above: I am so glad you are enjoying Lucy!!!

margonaute said...

Oh no! My cat already looks upon me with disdain 90% of the time! And now, Frida is sitting in the living room across from me, her front wheel turned toward me with a "honey, please!" look...

And Anonymous, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous bike! I love the green. Enjoy riding her.

Anonymous said...

Woot! Vintage Raleighs for everyone!

My only bicycle at the moment is a Raleigh Sports , and I absolutely love riding it. Also, thanks for calling that a "lighter" bike :) I have people try to heft mine and they look at me like I'm riding a 6 foot brick of cast-iron.

It's all relative, and barely matters anyway.

I hope yours treats you just as well as mine!

margonaute said...

portlandize: She seems almost featherlight compared to the Fryslan! The shorter wheelbase + smaller tires + lower handlebars all contribute to her appearing quite wee, to my eyes at least.

I'm comforted to hear such positive reviews of Raleigh Sports ownership. It makes me feel less foolhardy...

You are all just a big bunch of enablers!

Amy said...

*squee!* She's so purdy! English 3 speeds are so much fun. I'm sure that you will buy a mixte later. You'll NEED one for some reason eventually. :)

Anonymous said...

@margonaute: we're only enabling your happiness :) at least, we can all tell ourselves that, and if we believe it, then it's true! :)

my Raleigh Sports was definitely a bit lighter before I put the rear rack and panniers on, as now I usually have stuff in them too, but still compared to a carbon or aluminum racing bike, it feels like a tank. I never really think about how much it weighs until someone asks me :)

Lucky you have some folks around who happen to have quite a bit of experience with vintage Raleighs too! I happen to think they made some of the highest quality and most stately and beautiful bicycles that have been made. Enjoy!

Herzog said...

Someone's been very naughty!

Corey K said...

Congratulations, and good for you! This is how it starts. Don't rule out a Mixte...

1966 would indeed be the hub date.

You can check your frame serial number here - it's probably either on the seat tube just below the seat bolt, or on the left rear-wheel dropout:

Upgrades. If you can swing it, think about Kool-Stop "Continental" - brake pads- they will signiifcantly improve the braking on those steel rims, even in rain.
And should you need them, there are really good tires out there from 3 or 4 different makers. I'm partial to the Schwalbe Delta Cruisers, as they have a very nice ride quality for decent $. You can get them in black, whitewall, and creme. Michelin, Panaracer, Kenda, and Continental all make good to great tires in the 26 x 1 3/8 (EA3 = ISO-590) size.
This is a *great* bike to learn how to grease & adjust hubs and so forth. You only need about 6 tools.

Be sure to let us know when she tells you her name.

Corey K

margonaute said...

Corey K: Thanks for the tips! I won't tell you just how late I stayed up last night trying to decide whether I wanted cream, white wall, gum wall, or just plain black tires... I am excited to start learning more about the greasy bits of bicycles, with the Raleigh and the classes. Maybe the calendar alert that the classes were starting this week was the universe telling me it was high time to buy a vintage bike!

Sarah said...

chiming in late here, but we seem to be in the same spot! Three months ago I had one I have, um...four. Well-one Rudge, three Raleighs including the 1969 boy-twin of yours which I bought for my kid. I spend my lunch hours polishing chrome and cruising web sits for racks and other bits and pieces and am I content? NO! I want more! It's a sickness, but as sicknesses go...not a bad one.

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