Friday, June 4, 2010

Good mornings

The first thing I heard as I was about to pull into the street with Frida this sunny Friday morning?


Wouldn't you know it, somervillain was right there in the street in front of my house!  I wasn't quite sure how best to negotiate a busy bike lane + morning rush hour + inter-bicycle communication, but we did get to chat briefly for a block or so before we turned our separate ways. What a pleasant way to start the day!

Just one more example of how bicycles make life a little bit sweeter...


somervillain said...

hey, two of my favorite children's characters on their bikes (being dutch, miffy rides a dutch-style bike with full chaincase and has dreams of tulips dancing around her, of course!).

indeed, nice running into you, margonaute!

i love the random run into my fellow bloggers on my commute! such a tight night cycling community we live in!

margonaute said...

I briefly considered naming the Fryslan Miffy for those very reasons.

I was thinking, too, how funny it is know a certain group of people by their blog names instead of real names, as if we've got secret superhero identities! Somervillain, margonaute-- let's fight crime!

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