Monday, June 7, 2010

Third Sunday: Avant moi, le deluge

After the storms subsided yesterday evening, I was itching to get out of my stuffy apartment and into the open air.  So the Bat and I took to the Charles River bike path once again, passing a few spectacularly downed tree branches on the way [not pictured].  Everything had that after-the-rain, super saturated feel to it, which was especially nice as the sun was setting.

It was really good to get out, and the bike path was empty enough that I felt okay about posing Frida for some beauty shots next to the puddles.  (I was also really enjoying riding straight through the giant lakes of water that everyone else was avoiding, lifting my feet off the pedals to keep my feet dry and also to make it more fun.)

Happily, Cordelia's new owner, C, was able to join me for a little zip along the river.  She was wearing such a bright and adorable blue and red outfit and told me that she's been really big on cycling in skirts.

We stopped at one of those outdoor workout stations, which was right next to another huge fallen tree branch [not pictured].  It had this fun, springy/spongy ground material and some ellipticals that seemed more like swings for your feet than anything exercise-y.  There were two girls there already, playing on the various contraptions, so we chatted a bit while I photographed Cordelia and Frida together again.  One of them was doing some impressive somersaults in the background!

It was getting surprisingly chilly and windy, so we headed off to my favorite cafe to warm up-- ! in June!  I love warming up though, much more than sweating out.

The streets were so quiet and empty, and the air felt somehow full of mystery...

... but inside was cozy and full of good things to eat and drink.

We stopped for frozen yogurt afterward, but it was so cold by that point (both in the air-conditioned shop and outside) that we decided to head home.  So I took mine to go.
I'm going to say this officially counts for the Let's Go Ride a Bike Summer Games Part 2: carry a load on your bike!

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Amanda said...

Yummy yummy yogurt!

I rode my bike to Frozen Yogurt a couple of weeks ago.
Check out that post HERE:

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