Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kind of blue

First off, in case any of you have been wondering, Frida is not a trashcan!
How rude!  It's true that this particular stretch of Harvard's campus does not have any trashcans right there, if you walk 30 seconds in almost any direction (as I did shortly after taking this photo), you will find one.  I normally don't leave the rear baskets unfolded when I park, but the bike rack I use has been so deserted now that school is out, and plus it was raining that day so it was even emptier; so I just left the basket open.  But this kind of thing (who does this?  really!) does encourage one to continue the habit even when it would seem otherwise unnecessary...

The other thing I noticed on the way home was that I was surrounded by blue mixtes!  Observe:

Blue mixte #1

Blue mixte #2

And blue mixte #3

Which was right next to blue mixte #2 
These last two caught my eye as I was riding home.  I just had to pull over and walk my bike back a few blocks to take a closer look.  They were right on top of each other, so it was tough to get a good look at either of them individually-- especially the outer one, with its delightfully unmatched mish-mosh of blue rims and tires and bright blue handlebar tape and blue Knog light!  I really wanted to cross the street to get a better shot of it, but it was starting to be rush hour, and there were just too many cars going by.  More to the point, probably, I am a terribly impatient (and accordingly, poor) photographer (working with a camera phone, no less). 
Frida retreats behind a tree, jealous of these mixte buddies and their blue camaraderie.

The outer one is a Peugeot, and the inner one had a Lotus headbadge.  They both look well-used and well-loved, and beautiful in their own individual ways.  I'm glad I decided to stop and turn around to look at them instead of just continuing on my way home.  Maybe this is all I need, mixte-wise, for the time being.


Velouria said...

mixte epidemic!

Amy said...

You think that they're trying to suggest that you NEED a blue mixte? Even though you refuse to buy another bicycle? They may well stalk you until you give in! :)

margonaute said...

Amy: Don't encourage them! These mixtes are sneaky ones!

Corey K said...

Sneaky and mean. Don't forget the mean part.

There was a third bicycle chained up with the two you photographed. They *ate* it.

'Ware the Mixtes.

Seriously, that is a funny sort of coincidence with all the rarer-type bikes all in one place.

Corey K

margonaute said...


It was funny because it happened in such quick succession. I got out to my bike, and it was like, "oh! blue mixte!"; then 2 minutes later on the road, "Oh! Blue Mixte!"; and then when I stopped and got closer to the second mixte, I was all, "OH! BLUE MIXTE!"

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